There is a reason for all the actions, and we have to explain this reason very well in order for you to understand which is our aim and target.

Today, in times of over-information, internet giants who have a huge traffic and offer the information – news to the users of global web, have chosen to use an unfair procedure of silence of free speech.
You have probably noticed that there are a lot of pages cooperating with the bigger social networks which have taken over the policing of people’s thinking and have been self-proclaimed truth researchers and hunters of hoax news.

Social networks such as facebook have assigned several organizations to control and judge the opinion and the information that free reporters and bloggers are sharing.

In YouTube, thousands of channels have been blocked because google’s politicaly correct, considered that the information these channels were sharing was false.

Information is of the utmost importance because through it you can politically control and create a trend to the party power you support. Information is power because the whole world game is based on what each of us will believe to make its next decision.

Although the global Internet and its rulers seem to show a particular sensitivity to what is true and what is false, these masters themselves seem unable to control the the very ads that are paid to promote to their millions of users.

It seems, and we will prove, that when it comes to money the world's great powers are getting, the concept of false, the concept of misinformation does not have the same value as it has with an information that can disturb a power or a political idea.

In contrast to all the supposedly organizations that protect us from hoax we will prove, and not as they do, we will show another perspective, that most of the ads the internet gigs use to make money on are essentially customer misinformation, or at least they are profiteering, in this case, the great patrons doesn’t seem to bother for the proximity of information.

We will analyze it further to make sure you understand exactly what we are trying to do.
If you want to read an article on aerial spraying, you will see that there are two global trends. There are people who believe that aerial spraying is against us, and there are people who believe that aerial spraying is just a hoax.

Organizations that collaborate with the Internet giants are writing articles trying to prove that aerial spraying does not exist and thus affecting the perception of the one of two parts of the humanity, but no one at this time can clearly prove whether it is or is not true, no one has the serious evidence to do so, but what is there is certainly the tendency created by those who have the ability to forward any information to more people.

This was a simple example that in many cases called in the global Internet as false there is no proof, there is only subjective position and view. We, on the other hand, will prove that those who support position and view to influence humanity in favor of their own views and purposes and at the same time allow in their pages to promote ads that are dangerous, or scams and surely 90% of them go into huge profiteering because it simply benefits these networks to make money from our legal ignorance.
We will prove it because we will show that a product costs a and its real cost is b, this isn’t just a point of view but an evidence, showing a and b.

This is happening globally, and it shows the real hypocrisy and the huge need for the rulers and the elite of our world to control our decisions and what we believe and where we will pay our attention and our time.

It is extremely important for them who we choose tomorrow to be our leader or what we’ll find out that happens behind our backs. but when it comes to the money that goes out of our pockets to feed them, it seems that they are not able to have the same ability to discover what is fake what is profiteering fraud

So, it's time to clearly indicate the hypocrisy of all those who want us their customers and their slaves to information for a lifetime with the sole aim always to be the ones that are underside of the wheel.
And in this permanent great fraud and hypocrisy all the big organizations are involved worldwide.