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Time is not money; our time is money for them! This happened because we accepted to give our time and take back a piece of paper as a payment where its value can be traded on the global stock markets as a commodity!

While money can lose its value, we do not shorten the hours of work we offer, instead we offer more time in order to have their own money!

The system exists because of our available time. It is unfair from all those who we made strong with our time such as facebook, youtube, google to use this power to produce money from us.

All those who we gave them power, should protect us from any pointless waste, any scam, anyone who wants via his power to take advantage on us.

These organizations have shown a unique talent and speed to mute freedom of speech, to shut the mouths to free expression, they do it so promptly and quickly that can make people wonder how they can analyze and explore so fast theories where for 50 years they have no answer!

On the other hand they are not capable to check a link so the can protect us from any kind of loss, why?

Because they make money from it. It is very well known that our financial system is a piece of shit and out of nothing it can create value, a fake value but capable of controlling human life, development and happiness! 

At least lets accept system’s hypocrisy thorough the procedure of exposing them on the issue of advertisements that they use to make money from us, at least lets understand how obvious is the power game where the most important thing is the idea and information and they are trying to erase in a thousand ways and lets also understand that they use their money as a trap for our freedom and our time!

There are three types of false advertisement

The first is the ad which is absolutely fraudulent, you can go to it to buy a service and never receive anything, and you might never find a homepage again ... this one is the absolute scam!

The second type is the ads that are misinforming, another thing they promise but another thing they give, they usually rely on the fact there will be no reaction, or they have such an awful service and communication where after several attempts, you give up and accept the time and money loss.

The third and biggest type where all the major networks promote because they earn a lot from it is the ads with products whose price is extremely high, products that costs 2-3 dollars are being sold to naive internet users 50-60 dollars!

This difference of cost goes to advertising giants and to penurious affiliate marketers, so they are all of them co-responsible to the scam.

Trade in general is not the clearest thing in earth, it is well known that in the trade, there are a lot of traps and we must be careful. But it is really amazing, the organizations that are so conscious about us to learn the truth for an idea or information and they make so much effort to stop all hoaxes, they are actually a part of these trade traps and not only they are part of it but in fact they promote these traps!

The problem starts from the hungry and ungenerous fellowman who has been taught that he must do anything for the money, but he could stop doing this if there weren’t all these companies which accept money from anyone who make a site and sells anything he wants at any price.

Yes, global market should be free, but free doesn’t mean crook, doesn’t mean that because I found something that you can’t find I can sell it 5.000% up to its real price, this is not clear and fair trade!!

For us flipping isn’t a kind of trade, we understand that something which has been produced with expensive materials must have a higher price, we understand the value of a brand name, the value of the art but we cannot accept flipping as a kind of trade, which is adopted and promoted by the largest organizations in the world, for us this is clear fraud and exploitation of the power that we gave to them! 

In the muzzling of speech from organizations which we made them what they are today, we respond with the clearing up of the fraud ads that are participating and promoting to users things that make them lose money and time. System’s hypocrisy which misuse the power offered to it from now on will have at least one voice opposing and opposite!


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