Rechargeable Heating Insoles Facebook Ad hoax

Rechargeable Heating Insoles Facebook Ad hoax


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So we are going to see this ad from facebook, if it is a good and real product , with a price that is not fake , a product that we can buy and feel that we make a good choice!

From the top of our site you can read the section of explanation and levels to understand what we are seeking for !

The advertisement is this

Rechargeable Heating Insoles

And promotes Rechargeable Heating Insoles, when we click to go to the main site we see all that pictures and explanations of the products ..

We must pay attention to the last picture that shows the insoles can be cut to the desire size of our feet ...!

The price of the product into the  site is ...

These are priced in euro , if we speak for dollars the price is 13.97 ..

So lets check if this product costs fairly 13.97 for the customer ..!

We found it in

... with the price of  1.98  ...and shipping price for USA..

So ... 1.98 + 1.63 = 3.61 the cost to buy it from alibaba ... but you must buy at least 10 of them... !

Lets check the cost with shipping from the first site...!

Price of product 13.97 + 5.99 = 19.96 $

Everything above 150% of profit from the wholesale price a hoax and almost "theft" ...!

The wholesale price is 3.61 $ ... if this product costs to come to our door 9 $ will be a fair bargain, but 19.96 is far to much to say that this is a good and honest price ..!

Where the money goes and the price is so high?...

First to the affiliate that manage to make an arbitrage from the cost of advertising and  the end sale price ... !

Example : The advertiser use facebook ads and for 100 clicks on his ads, manage to have 2% sales ... more simply ...two sales ...! If for 100 click pays less than the cost of the 2 products (19.96+19.96 = 39.92) he is a winner ... He has profits!

 Facebook is happy that makes money from the advertiser , the advertiser is happy that he use this flipping method and the power of Facebook traffic, you are the looser because you buy something 500 % more expensive ..

For us this kind of percentage of profit οn the back of the final buyer is a hoax ..!

If you want to buy this product we recommend you to buy it from the button bellow ..., because you can buy with the same money at least 7 products , or you can buy the same product as a sample at the price of 3.63 including shipping !!..

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