Folding Portable Iron Facebook ad Hoax - Misleading and profeetiring

Folding Portable Iron Facebook ad Hoax - Misleading and profeetiring


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The new ad is Folding Portable Iron , when we go to site we see that the price of the product was 119.98 and now it is 49.99 order to have the feeling of a good bargain ... !

The product's photos are like this

We searched and again we found it on Alibaba ...

The word drop shipping means that the affiliate marketer can order the item from the wholesaler and he send it directly to his customer the affiliate marketer does not have any costs of shipping ..!

So if we calculate the costs from alibaba we're going to see that the affiliate marketer pays for advertising in Facebook in order to use the traffic to sell it ...

 8.20 + 7.41 = 15.61 $  Everything above the 150% of profit for us is a profiteering ad specially when the product is a drop-shipping product and the affiliate does not have the headache of shipping etc etc !

Also is clear that the product never had a price of 119.98, this is a kind of misleading the consumer ..!

You can buy the product with minimum order of two items and cost you 31.22$ ... take them and make one present to your mother in low this way you are saving 19.77 ... and you also kiss your mother's in low ass .>!
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