DermaLuminate™  "THE FUTURE OF SKIN CARE" Facebook Ad profeetiring Hoax

DermaLuminate™ "THE FUTURE OF SKIN CARE" Facebook Ad profeetiring Hoax


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The new ad from Facebook that promotes an extreme profiteering ad is the  DermaLuminate™  "THE FUTURE OF SKIN CARE" ..

When we click in the ad we are reaching the first level of the promoting landing page that tries to make us believe in the product... the link is this

When we are reaching the end of the page we see that we are going to have a 50% discount of the product , when we click we go to this link

There we will see that the end price for this product is ..

 Do not forget that you are on a 50% discount ( lol) ...

So we investigated if we can find the same product on a reasonable price  ... !

We found it again where the affiliate also found it ..

So the price from 26.50 to 149.95 toooooo far away in order for someone to say that has made a purchase with a 50% discount and also he is lucky ....!

In the offer of 50% for this "unique" barging we see that they give  also a cream for free .. To be honest with you after i saw the real prices i gave up investigating more ...

I will give you the link to the offer and also a link to check by yourself how much creams cost ... so no one could think that the difference of the price is from the cost of a cream !

Here you can see the real price for the mask .....

Go To Alibaba Offer
And also here a list of the creams for derma luminate
Go To list of creams

I did not check the shipping costs etc etc ... i thing it is not a case anymore to spend more time ..!

This is a Huge profiteering Ad Hoax that Facebook promote , .. I am wondering, so much AI technology and they can not protect us from all of this? Or the AI is working only on "fake news"?....

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